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Even more tragic than finding out your child was born with a defect or injury, is knowing that the injury should have been prevented if the medical professionals had acted responsibly.

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Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack and Stroke

It is a tragic occurrence when patients are turned away from the emergency room and suffer a heart attack or stroke soon after they leave. It is also devastating when a doctor fails to see a patient in time.

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Failure to Diagnose Bacterial Meningitis

Failure to diagnose this serious disease can have devastating consequences. If you or your child develops bacterial meningitis, the correct antibiotic must be administered to kill the specific bacteria.

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Tennessee Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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Tennessee patients put their trust in doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to correctly diagnose and treat their illnesses. Therefore, a misdiagnosis or inappropriate medical treatment can result in tragedy. When a medical professional fails to follow the appropriate standard of care, based on what a “reasonable” health professional would do, and a patient is injured—this is considered medical malpractice.

Elite Injury Attorneys NetworkThere are countless incidents that may constitute medical malpractice, from a delayed cancer diagnosis to an unintentional laceration made during surgery. If you feel that your or a family member has been the victim of medical malpractice, it is important that you protect your rights by talking to a Tennessee medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. Contact Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC. An attorney with medical malpractice experience will review the facts of your case and, if it seems valid, he will attempt to find you a well-qualified Tennessee medical malpractice attorney to meet your individual needs—at no additional cost.

Actions that May Constitute Medical Malpractice

Some actions by medical providers that may be grounds for a medical malpractice suit include:

  • Negligent anesthesia preparation
  • Failure to properly monitor vitals during surgery
  • Foreign object left in a patient
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Accidental organ perforation during surgery
  • Mistreatment of a difficult birth
  • Complications of inducing labor
  • Negligence in follow-up treatment
  • Failure to monitor treatment appropriately
  • Unnecessary surgery

Medical malpractice is not limited to health care providers. Entire medical facilities, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental practices and clinics can be held accountable in a medical malpractice suit. Tennessee patients injured by acts of medical negligence are often left with costly medical bills in addition to their physical pain and emotional distress.

To be successful in your medical malpractice claim you must prove that:

  • Your health care provider owed you a duty of care (this is proven in a patient-to-doctor relationship)
  • That duty was breached and as a result, you suffered an injury
  • The medical provider failed to perform his or her duties consistent with the acceptable standard of care

If you are a patient in Tennessee and have suffered an injury because of medical negligence, the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC can attempt to find you an experienced Tennessee medical malpractice attorney, if your claim appears to have merit. Please begin by filling out the online form so we can review your case and you can begin the claims process to collecting the money you deserve.